Ulster union calls for halt in beef price decline

A call to halt the decline in beef prices has been made by the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

The UFU has said beef processors must reverse beef prices as a “matter of urgency”, while UFU beef and lamb policy chairman Robert Davidson said processors were “unjustifiable” and that they needed start building confidence into the market.

He said: “Beef quotes fell again last week from 364-370p/kg to 360-362p/kg and there is absolutely no justifiable reason for this.

“Prices in Great Britain (GB) have come back slightly, hovering just below the £4/kg mark, however this is still substantially higher than the average prices paid in Northern Ireland and GB prices have definitely not come back to the same extent as they have here.”

Davidson warned processors that, if they were going to “pull prices”, farmers should be shopping around for better prices and “honing their bargaining skills as they negotiate for the best deal”.


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