FSA hits back at claims it could ban rare steaks
Published:  23 August, 2013

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has hit back at claims made in the Daily Mail, which suggests it could be due to ban rare steaks because of new health regulations.

The claims were made in a piece by Charles Campion, who feared for his love of rare steaks. “It emerged this week that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) may be about to put a stop to such delectable pleasures. They have issued ‘guidance’ that meat in restaurants should be cooked until no pink remains,” said Campion.

FSA director of communications Stephen Humphreys responded with a public letter to Campion and stated: “This is simply untrue.”

Humphreys explained that rare steak is safe to eat and emphasised that: “Whole cuts of beef or lamb, steaks, cutlets and joints only have germs on the outside, so as long as the outside is cooked any potentially harmful germs that could cause food poisoning will be killed.”

In his letter to Campion, Humphreys confirmed that foods that have been minced, such as burgers, should be cooked through to prevent any germs spreading throughout.

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