Pig Idea seeks change in feed law for hobby pig-keepers

The Pig Idea has launched a campaign to change European law to allow hobby pig-keepers to feed kitchen waste to their animals.

The Pig Idea’s campaign follows an NPA one, which outlines the illegality of hobby pig-keepers feeding a variety of food waste to pigs. It explained that feeding pigs kitchen and catering waste could lead to a two-year prison sentence, over fears of introducing “costly and damaging” disease epidemics to Britain.

However, the Pig Idea is campaigning to bring change to the European law dictating this, in order to allow food waste, including catering waste, to be diverted for use as pig and chicken feed. It would also like to see a “robust legal framework” for the safe processing of food waste to prevent outbreaks of disease.

A statement said: “The Pig Idea is campaigning for a revision to EU Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 to allow for the inclusion of animal by-products and catering waste in feed for omnivorous non-ruminants. The campaign argues that, to ensure food safety, the revised law would need to require all catering waste to be sufficiently heat-treated through centralised feed plants.”

The Pig Idea is also campaigning to encourage the use of “legally permissible” food waste, such as fruit, vegetables and bakery waste, from non-catering food businesses such as supermarkets and manufacturers.

“Hobby pig-keepers can engage with this aspect of the campaign by feeding pigs any fruit and vegetables direct from their garden or allotment,” it added.

Yet it noted: “However, as the NPA states, ‘In Britain and throughout the European Union it is illegal to feed raw or cooked catering waste to pigs, including waste from household kitchens’.”


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