Prices fall for prime Scottish lamb

There has been a drop in the price of prime Scottish lamb in the last two weeks, Quality Meat Scotland has revealed.

According to figures, producers have seen prices slide by around 15p/kg liveweight in the last fortnight, which is 3% down year-on-year.

Yet the organisation also said that, compared to the start of September 2011, prices were similar which should ease any anxiety about the seasonal reduction of prices.

“Last year the effects of the weather contributed to prices falling 30p/kg lwt between the start of September and Christmas,” said Quality Meat Scotland’s head of economics services Stuart Ashworth.  

“This year the weather has been more favourable and we may expect a more ‘normal’ year. History would suggest this may result in prices drifting slightly lower through September and early October to a seasonal low before stabilising and then slowly increasing.”


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