Copas introduces Very Very Special Chicken

Copas Traditional Turkeys has introduced a new Very Very Special Chicken, which will be launched in December this year.

Copas Chickens are reared to the same standards as the company’s turkeys, and live twice as long as commercial chickens – for 14 weeks – before being slaughtered.

The chickens are all British and fed a natural cereal-based diet with vegetables from a local vegetable farm.

The chickens have “moist dense meat, a high meat-to-bone ratio, a natural fat layer that self-bastes in the oven, and a depth of flavour unlike any chicken you have tasted”, said the turkey producer.

The chicken is hung for up to 14 days, hand-finished and weighs between 2.5-3.5kg. It comes with cooking instructions, recipe ideas for leftovers, a pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary.

There will be a limited number available to British butchers, delis and farm shops this Christmas.


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