New Master for Worshipful Co

Ian Kelly has been inaugurated as the new Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers.

Kelly has worked in the meat industry for more than 50 years, mainly in the imported meat sector. He is a Past Master of the York Butchers Guild, a vice-president of the International Meat Trade Association, a Fellow of the Institute of Meat, and a past Festival Chairman, and current trustee, of the Butchers’ and Drovers’ Charitable Institution. He succeeds Mark Adams as Master.

Kelly may be the last Master for some time to preside for his full year of office over Company functions at Butchers’ Hall, as the Hall itself is likely to be closed for a number of years from about late 2014 during a major redevelopment of West Smithfield in London and the completion of Crossrail, the major west-east London rail link. During the Hall’s closure, livery functions will be held at other premises and livery halls. Butchers’ Hall will itself also be redeveloped during the closure, “making it fit for 21st century purposes” said Mr Kelly at his inauguration during the Company’s annual meeting, Common Hall.

Each Master supports a charity during the year of office and Kelly has chosen The Theodora Children’s Trust, which provides ‘giggle’ doctors dressed as clowns to visit and comfort children who find themselves in hospital.

The outgoing Master said that, during his year, more than £24,000 was raised for his charity, Farms for City Children, taking total fundraising to over £100,000 during the Company’s three-year commitment to the charity.


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