2 Sisters cuts energy use

A 2 Sisters Food Group site has made energy savings of 38% by changing one of its refrigeration systems.

Engineering staff at the company’s Haughley Park site arranged for chilling specialist Excalibur to survey its refrigeration systems. Following the survey, Excalibur predicted a 35% reduction in energy use could be made, if modifications were carried out.

Following the survey, a system used to cool cooked chicken was chosen to be modernised by Excalibur and 2 Sisters.

As a result, a ‘liquid pressure amplification (LPA) and variable speed drive’ used to control condenser fans was installed. “This allows compressor discharge pressure to be drastically reduced, improving efficiency and reducing mechanical wear,” said Excalibur.

The system’s web-based monitoring system showed a drop in energy consumption of 38%, which relates to a reduction of 177 tonnes in carbon over a 15 month period.

An engineering manager at 2 Sisters said: “Excalibur installed LPA and inverter control to our Bitzer screw pack. Monitoring over the 12 month period showed a reduction in power consumption of 38%. Several evaporators which had been starved of refrigerant now achieve temperatures where previously they struggled.”


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