Eblex review shows value of investment

Eblex’s annual review has reported that the £45,000 spent on product development work resulted in potential annual growth of £88m in the beef and lamb retail market.

The newly published review also confirmed that a £1.2m-worth of market intelligence investment led to the publication of free market updates worth £8.75m to the industry.

The review is intended to clearly present information from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB’s) annual report to levy payers, and has been revamped this year.

It has also seen an £11m increase in the value of sheep meat exports to non-EU markets in 2012, after £401,000 was invested in an ongoing campaign to open non-EU export markets.

Eblex sector director Nick Allen said: “The annual review is our opportunity to show how we’re using the levy to improve efficiency and add value to the beef and sheep meat industry in England.

“Hopefully, levy payers will agree that the new format paints a clearer picture of how the levy is being spent across the range of activities that Eblex undertakes on behalf of the sector.”

The review will be distributed to members of the Eblex Better Returns Programme in early November.


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