Bolster Moor Farm Shop takes double win in pie competition

Bolster Moor Farm Shop won two out of four categories in the National Pie Competition which took place at the Bakers’ & Butchers’ Autumn Fair on Sunday (27 October).

The event saw butchers and bakers battling it out in the pie categories, which included Pork, Savoury, Pasty and Steak & Kidney.

Simon Haigh from Bolster Moor Farm Shop became the winner of the Pork Pie and Savoury categories, as well as taking third place in the Pork Pie and second place in the Pasty categories.

Commenting on his success, Haigh said: “I suppose it’s the quality – we came here last year and we won four classes. We put the work in and we’ve got the right recipes.

“I spent all day yesterday making those pies and I got up 4am this morning to bake them. You put the work in and you learn from one year to the next what people are looking for – just to get it better and better – and hopefully it pays off, like it has done today.”

He explained that his produce was all homemade and that, this year, he entered two brand new recipes.

“One of them has won today – pork and pepperoni pie. You’ve got to keep moving with the times, and people are now wanting spicier food – spicier sausages and spicier pies.”

Keen on entering new ideas into competitions, Haigh added: “We’ll be entering next year.”

The winner of the Pasty category was Emily Hofmann and the Steak & Kidney pie winner was Karl Jones from Valley Butchers.

Allan Bennett took second place in the Pork Pie category and third place in the Savoury category, whereas John Nicholl took third place in both the Pasty and Steak & Kidney categories.

The winners were:

Pork Pie

  • Winner: Simon Haigh, Bolster Moor Farm Shop
  • Second Place: Allan Bennett
  • Third Place: Simon Haigh, Bolster Moor Farm Shop

Savoury Pie

  • Winner: Simon Haigh, Bolster Moor Farm Shop: Pork & Pepperoni Pie
  • Second Place: Stuart Friedrich, Brambles Bakery: Pork & Chilli Jam Pie
  • Third Place:  Allan Bennett: Game Pie

Steak & Kidney Pie

  • Winner: Karl Jones, Valley Butchers
  • Second Place: Peter Middlemiss, Geo Middlemiss & Son
  • Third Place: John Nicholl, Huddleston’s Butchers


  • Winner: Emily Hofmann, Hofmann’s: Cornish-style Pasty
  • Second Place: Simon Haigh, Bolster Moor Farm Shop:  Cornish-style Pasty
  • Third Place: John Nicholl, Huddlestone’s Butchers: Grafters Pasty

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