Eblex starts search for new board members

Eblex is searching for six new board members who can join the beef and lamb division of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

Successful applicants will help shape ongoing strategy and ensure the best interests of producers and processors are served.

There are currently 14 board members who have been elected for a three-year period. The board meets six times a year to discuss issues facing the industry.

Eblex chairman John Cross said: “The Eblex board helps to drive the strategic direction of the division, as well as ensuring value for money is at the heart of what we do.

“We are recruiting six new board members in one go to replace current members who have come to the end of their allowable term. It is a big change in one go and we are eager to ensure we attract the right kind of applicants to maintain the high standards that the current board has set.

“We are looking for farmers with drive and passion for the industry to bring their expertise to the table, as well as an independent who has no background in the beef and lamb sector to offer a different type of input and bring a different set of skills. I find working for this board incredibly rewarding, as do the other members, and I am sure the new members will get a lot out of it also.”

The closing date for the applications is 5pm on 10 December and those who are chosen on to the board will start their positions in April next year.


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