Eblex advises producers to present clean, dry stock

Eblex is urging producers to meet rules on cleanliness at slaughter, to avoid extra charges or deductions to satisfy additional controls.

Producers are advised to present clean and dry stock, as food business operators for cattle and sheep are working on a range of five levels of cleanliness.

Ranging from one (clean and dry) to five (filthy and wet), only animals falling into categories one and two will be slaughtered without restriction.

Eblex southern senior regional manager Dr Phil Hadley said: “The hygiene controls in abattoirs have clear guidelines on the cleanliness of cattle and sheep at slaughter. Animals falling outside those guidelines will be subject to additional restrictions and the costs associated with addressing those issues.”

Eblex has created a manual which suggests switching cattle and sheep to a drier ration and suggests they are given enough straw before slaughter.

“While preventing animals becoming dirty in the first place is, of course, ideal, it cannot always be achieved, particularly in the wetter winter months. However, if stock are not presented for slaughter dry and clean, it can lead to increased processing costs, which may be passed back to producers and ultimately reduce returns,” Hadley added.


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