Keep cooking, says Craftbutchers

The Associated Craftbutchers of Ireland has warned consumers not to become reliant on fast and processed food to keep family budgets down.

Craftbutchers president Hugh Maguire hit out at against the idea that a nutritious meal is beyond the skills of the average person and insisted that the best way to alleviate economic pressures on the family budget is to take up the art of meal-making.

Maguire said: "Families can hit the twin objectives of healthy and economical eating by shopping wisely and learning a few basic skills in putting together a tasty stew or the classic 'meat and two veg' solution."

The association president is due to appear on the RTE 'Afternoon Show' on 5 March in a feature on choosing quality pork and bacon. He will stress that it is worth the extra effort involved to find a quality retailer, especially one who provides locally produced meat and vegetables.

Maguire added: "After all, effort is free, and there is now an amazing array of recipes, including simple methods on how to prepare food available on the internet! Value is where it always was, in your own kitchen."

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