Ishida launches efficent checkweighers

Ishida has launched a new range of checkweighers, which offer improvement in speed with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

The new DACS-G series focuses on both accuracy and speed and helps avoid excess “giveaway”, said the company. It features a colour touchscreen and metal detector combination units with full integration software. The machines are also waterproof to international standards.

Ishida explained that the checkweigher was the most hygiene-friendly so far, with a rounded stainless steel main body to eliminate bacteria traps.

Conveyors can be lifted straight off the checkweigher without tools, making it user-friendly, added the firm.

The checkweighers can handle a wide range of weights and have an easy operating system with a 7-inch LCD screen, which can be used without having to remove gloves. visited Ishida’s European headquarters in October, and met with the company’s managing director Graham Clements.

He explained that the biggest challenge facing Ishida today was the company’s rapid growth. “We’ve grown by 20% year-on-year recently, and this year we expect to grow by 10%,” he said.

The company focuses on forming long-term partnerships and, at the moment, its biggest market is Russia.

Clements explained that the Ishida’s ethos is simple – throwing any amount of money at fixing a problem, whether it is a problem caused by the company itself or the customer.

“We’re a safe bet and we never walk away from anything,” he said. “We make high-quality, reliable equipment and people don’t feel like they’re making a big mistake when they buy from us.”

The company is in the process of moving to a new building.


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