Red Tractor gives UK soldiers celebratory BBQ

Red Tractor has supplied UK troops on a German base with assurance scheme products at a recent assurance scheme barbecue.

The event was held as a celebration of the Navy, Army and Air Forces Institute (NAAFI) supplying British soldiers overseas with Red Tractor bacon and sausage for 12 months.

NAAFI head of food and beverage Nick Spencer said: “One of the most exciting things about working at NAAFI is the ability to think outside the box. Delivering a taste of home across the globe is challenging and the introduction of Red Tractor is a brilliant example of this.”

NAAFI challenged its British Premium Sausage Company supplier to provide soldiers with “a little taste of home”, resulting in the sausage, which won gold in Bpex’s Foodservice Sausage of the Year Awards.

“Working with our supplier, British Premium Sausage, allowed the NAAFI to introduce Red Tractor products in the vast majority or our outlets. Furthermore we started working with Brakes in March of this year, and now a large proportion of the basket is Red Tractor-assured,” Spencer added.

In addition to supplying assured meat, Red Tractor also works with the NAAFI to explain the meaning behind the label to all staff on the German sites.

Red Tractor’s foodservice account manager Nigel Akehurst said: “We are proud to be giving our troops a taste of home. It is important to these soldiers that they know where their food comes from and the Red Tractor logo assures that.”


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