Mettrick sets up new shop in Stalybridge

Independent award-winning butcher John Mettrick was surprised to hear what sort of farm had been operating above his new shop.

The Stalybridge-based butcher was called by his shopfitter, who was preparing the new store for its grand opening on 5 December, shocking him with the news that the upstairs had previously been used as a cannabis farm.

“We’ve always been well-known for getting our produce directly from the farm,” said John, “but to find out there had been a cannabis farm in the flat above our new shop was taking things to extremes.”

The new shop is John’s first permanent presence in Stalybridge, following a series of market stalls, pop-up shops and a temporary outlet in the town, where the butcher has had a presence since 2012.

John currently has long-established shops in Glossop and Hadfield, but was swayed to start a meat stall in a Stalybridge town centre farmers’ market after a local MP encouraged him, saying residents were in need of an independent butcher.

Following a spate of good sales at the market from November 2012, John opened a pop-up shop on the canal bridge before moving to a temporary outlet. Good sales were not just experienced by John, with some neighbouring shops reporting a 20% increase in trade since the butcher showed up.

As a result, John was determined to establish a permanent site, which will open this week. He said: “We very much appreciate all the support we’ve had throughout from Stalybridge’s town team and shopkeepers. But most of all we appreciate how our Stalybridge customers have supported and encouraged us and stuck with us while we have been trading out of all these temporary set-ups.”

National Federation of Meat and Food Traders’ chief executive Roger Kelsey said: “We are delighted to see one of our members providing the residents of Stalybridge once again with an independent butcher and also helping to rejuvenate sales generally for the high street trade in this town.”


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