QMS pays tribute to sheep strategy chairperson

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has thanked a sheep producer for her part in encouraging the uptake of breeding technologies in the Scottish sheep sector.

Maimie Paterson was thanked for the contributions she has made over the last seven years, where she has sat as the chairperson of the Scottish Sheep Strategy Group (SSSG).

QMS chairman Jim McLaren thanked Paterson during a QMS presentation earlier this week and welcomed John Scott, who will be taking over as chairman of the SSSG.
McLaren said: “It gives me great pleasure to present Maimie with this token of appreciation for her sterling chairmanship. The Scottish Sheep Strategy Group has delivered, and continues to deliver, some fantastic work, promoting the benefits of performance-recording and using EBV figures to all sectors of the Scottish sheep industry.
“Maimie has played a pivotal role in communicating to producers that by utilising performance recording, they can potentially reduce production costs, improve the quality and consistency of Scotch Lamb and increase demand for recorded breeding stock.”
Paterson said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed chairing the Scottish Sheep Strategy Group and, due to its work, there can be few sheep breeders in Scotland who have not heard of, or voiced their opinion of, performance recording. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the group’s valuable work in helping Scotland’s sheep farmers improve efficiency and profits.”


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