Support for British-farmed meat increases

UK supermarkets have shown an increased support for British-farmed pork, ham and sausages in the past year, according to their shelves.

The positive figures were revealed in a new Porkwatch survey, which records the number of product lines allocated to British pork and pork products.

It found that all retailers had increased their British lines in some categories and some had improved across the board, with Waitrose and Marks & Spencer coming out top.

The National Pig Association’s (NPA’s) acting general manager Lizzie Press said: “These results show that retailers are listening to their customers. We are delighted with the current trend because it is allowing pig farmers to reinvest in their businesses after three very difficult years caused by high feed costs.”

British ham shelf facings are up 3.9% year-on-year, sausages up 3.5% and pork up 1.5%. However, bacon has seen a reduction of 7.4%.

NPA chairman Richard Longthorp said: “Shoppers often used to choose British meat where possible, but horsegate has proved a game-changer and now many are insisting it must be British. We are grateful to retailers for the way they have stepped up to the mark, even when cheaper imported product has been available.”


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