FSA to research MSM risks
Published:  17 December, 2013

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is planning research into the microbiological risks associated with poultry and pork mechanically separated meat (MSM).

The FSA yesterday invited tenders to carry out a microbial evaluation of poultry and pork MSM, comparing it to fresh cuts of meat, meat preparations and minced meat products. The project aims to identify the types and abundance of microbes present in MSM in order to evaluate its safety.

“It is important to perform microbial studies to determine the safety of MSM compared with other meat products. This will aid in the assessment of whether current restrictions on the use of MSM are appropriate and proportionate for the protection of public health,” said the FSA.

The FSA added that MSM products should be tested for a range of microorganisms, including campylobacter and salmonella, with samples taken at every stage of the production, chilling, freezing and storage process.

“This process will be repeated for fresh cuts of meat, meat preparations and minced meat products, so that a comparison with MSM can be achieved,” it said.

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