Vemag LPG209 High-Speed Sausage Linker from Reiser

Reiser LogoThe Vemag LPG209 High-Speed Length Portioning Machine is the fastest and most versatile sausage linker in the industry. The LPG209 features twin rotating linking horns and an automatic casing loader. This system allows processors to use one high-speed linker to produce sausages in both collagen casings and natural casings. The system increases sausage production by 30% - 50% without adding labour.

Vemag LPG209 Sausage Linker with Twin Horns and Automatic Casing LoaderThe LPG209 produces precisely portioned sausages that are identical in length and weight. The system can be easily attached to the Vemag TM203 Link Cutter or Vemag AH204 Automatic Hanging Machine for the highest levels of production.

Download the LPG209 Product Brochure

Published: 1st April 2016
Format: .pdf(260KB)
Length: 4 Pages
Type: Product Brochure

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