BBC's Kill it, Cook it, Eat it starts tonight

Viewers of BBC3 will tonight be able to watch a new series about what it takes to get meat onto plates.

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it will be shown over the next three nights at 10.30pm and will show animals being slaughtered in front of an invited audience that includes vegetarians, chefs and dedicated meat-eaters.

Filming took place at John Mettrick's abattoir in Glossop, Derbyshire, where a TV studio was built especially.

Glass viewing panels allowed the guests to watch the slaughter of pigs, lambs and cattle before John butchered the carcases and a chef cooked the meat for the guests to try.

The programme makers said the aim of the programme was to educate consumers about a normally hidden process but there are signs this has been misinterpreted by newspapers.

The Sunday Mirror yesterday described the programme as a "new TV shocker" claiming that a pig was thrown into boiling water before being "skinned" while schoolchildren wept.

On the day MTJ visited the set the guests were calm and relaxed and no weeping schoolchildren were in evidence.

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