Shrink-lidding concept cuts supply chain costs

Sealed Air Cryovac has launched a new shrink-lidding packaging concept in the UK for fresh meat, which offers reduced headspace economies and extended shelf-life.

Called Mirabella, it is based on the patented combination of a double-shrink lid and a barrier tray. It allows meat to be in contact with the top double lid without discoloration, thanks to permanent oxygen circulation between the films, the lower being oxygen-permeable and the upper one oxygen-barrier.

Cryovac justified the switch to Mirabella as it said the benefits outweighed the additional 30% costs incurred. These included increased differentiation and substantial savings thanks to tray height reduction and, therefore, less material usage by weight. This means a supermarket can stock more product in the same shelf space and less replenishment will be required or it can use the freed space to stock other meat products.

Cryovac said it had carried out trials with Mirabella with an unnamed UK fresh meat processor, which handles 10m trays a year. "The benefits far outweighed the extra costs," said Laura Bryant, European supply chain analyst at Sealed Air Cryovac. "You can double the amount of product in crates with Mirabella and, as a result, a packer will see a 30% reduction in pallets and crates."

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