AEW (UK) snapped up

MAREL HF has acquired UK-based AEW Thurne (AEW) and Delford Sortaweigh (Delford) from the AEW Delford Group.

This is Marel's first move to become a global manufacturer of food processing equipment and it aims to triple annual revenues over the next three to five years.

AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh will be operated under the name AEW Delford Systems, after the acquisition.

AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh manufactures high-speed slicing, portion control and shaping, weigh price labelling and robotic systems.

Marel CEO Hordur Arnarson, said: "These products are an excellent addition to Marel's product portfolio." 

Research and development director Asgeir Asgeirsson has been appointed CEO of AEW Delford Systems.

AEW Delford Systems' product categories add to and complement Marel's current catalogue and the acquisition will brings both companies' research, sales and service networks together.

Founded in 1983, Marel is now made up of 19 operating subsidiaries. The group comprises three principal companies, or 'Partners in Processing': Marel hf, Carnitech and AEW Delford Systems, along with 16 other subsidiaries in 14 countries. In addition, the Group has a network of over 50 agents and distributors.

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