New thermostatic device for carcase incineration

Suffolk equipment company G E Baker has launched a new thermostatic device for its carcase incinerators, which, it claims, can give fuel savings of up to 50%.

Two models of the incinerator are available for the disposal of chicken, sheep, pig and calf carcases.

The fuel-saver device controls the temperature in the second, after-burner chamber. The second chamber fires up first then, when the temperature reaches 850ºC, the main chamber cuts in. At 900ºC the main burner cuts out, but the contents will keep on burning. If the temperature falls, the burner will cut in again.

Graham Baker, company director, said: "It can take 100 litres of fuel to dispose of a 400kg carcass, but we've had reports of people using half that amount, saving around £20".

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