Look! No more trays

It used to be the case that sausages and mince blocks could only be wrapped and sealed in a tray. It was impractical and messy to wrap the meat alone.

But a new machine now means meat can be packaged without the need for expensive trays.

The Flexwrap machine, from FDA Packaging Machinery, wraps products in a flowpack style but the meat sits directly on the wrapping material, which keeps it clean and hygienic.

The Flexwrap is already used by some sausage producers but is suitable for many other meat products. It is easy to operate and can be changed to accommodate different sized products in minutes - without tools.

It is also a compact machine; the footprint is just 2.5m x 1m and it will wrap up to 35 packs a minute. It requires little maintenance, just occasional lubrication.

If you would like a demonstration, FDA said it will set up a machine and wrap your products before you place an order. If you cannot go to a demonstration it will even send your products back wrapped, along with a CD showing the process.

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