Factory safety update

Safety in the workplace is serious business, both for employers looking to protect employees, and for companies that make safety devices.

Two new products have recently been launched, both of which offer protection from dangerous machines.

Smartscan, which makes magnetic gates, has put the latest technology to use, which allows four magnets to be monitored from one control box. Smartscan's gates are used in factories to control access to dangerous machines. The magnets that lock the gates are monitored and, if the gate is not closed, the machine will not work.

A typical system comprises electromagnetic gate locks, a controller and a control box with a 'traffic light' entry indicator. The ability to control four magnets at once means more gates can be monitored at the same time, which gives operators greater control and offers workers better protection.

Fortress Interlocks is another company that deals with workplace safety. Its eGard system, which also controls access to dangerous machines, comprises modules that have different functions. Gate switches sit atop simple controls and all slot together, rather like pieces of Lego.

Fortress' latest development is a combination of mechanical trapped key units and electrical gate switches. This, according to the company, "gives greater flexibility" for the user.

The system stacks on top of each other and, because they are all part of one system, takes less time to install. The combinations are endless and can be tailored to the customer's exact requirement, said Fortress.

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