A new six-minute film

will highlight the health, safety and energy-loss horrors from inefficient cold store seals. It is part of a promotional campaign by Biddle for its multiple airstream technology (MAT), used as an air curtain barrier on cold store doors. The air curtain is designed to prevent misting, ice build-up and energy loss.

Biddle's Adrian Higginson said: "This is not a horror movie but an important case study for all UK cold store operators. Cold stores are major energy users but they also need to provide continuous access. This means they are constantly losing energy, yet most are equipped with door systems or plastic strips, which often give inadequate performance. Now we can provide an efficient triple-layer air curtain, which does not hinder access but actually acts as an efficient barrier between internal and external environments."

Biddle's patented air curtains are already used across Europe in hospitals and public b uildings as well as food businesses.

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