The whole hog

Designed for butchers who want to offer their customers cooked roast pork and lamb, along with a little in-store theatre, the Suckling Pig Spit from Rational fits the bill.

The machine will cook a whole pig in as little as two hours, the manufacturer claims. The spit holds pigs or lambs weighing up to 10kg, and cooks them quicker than conventional methods and with minimum weight-loss.

Rational says the machine is easy to use. All you do is put the pig or lamb on the spit, put it in the Rational Self-Cooking Center, which can be set on a tabletop, and push the relevant programme button. It is made from a special alloy, so you will not waste more time than necessary cleaning it.

And if this product is not big enough to cope with customer demand, Rational also make a full-size hog roaster capable of cooking a 30kg pig, which supplies both dramatic effect in the shop, and a lot of meat!

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