Roses for Dunbia

Dunbia have introduced England's Rose lamb carcases to their range and have declared them to be "outstandingly successful."

The product, which is produced to EBLEX Quality Standard lamb specifications, was launched in May and sales volumes are running at 2,000 carcases a week.

"Following the success we have enjoyed with our England's Rose beef brand, we decided to launch a branded version of our lamb carcases to co-incide with the availability of the new season's Quality Standard lamb," explained Marc Driver, Dunbia's UK sales manager.

"Distribution is excusively through Weddel Swift Distribution and to date, sales have exceeded our most optimistic forecasts."

Carcase weights are starting at 15kg, all at Fat Class 2 and 3, with a minimum classification of R grade. All carcases are tagged to show the England's Rose and Quality Standard lamb logos.

Mike Whittemore, EBLEX project manager, said: "England's Rose lamb carcases are delivered through a fully-assured chain and the fact that all carcases are tagged with England's Rose brand and the EBLEX Quality Standard mark is an added element of reassurance to demonstrate the quality commitment of all those involved in the supply chain, from our English lamb producers through to Quality Standard scheme member butchers."

There are currently plans to introduce a range of England's Rose boxed lamb cuts aimed at independent butchers and distributed through the Weddel Swift Distribution network.

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