A first for Space

Space is developing a CO2 refrigerator, UK-built, for the first time.

It is is being designed for meat and dairy products and will use CO2, which is a natural refrigerant. The system will be completely HFC-free, thereby reducing the normal ozone-depleting effects of refrigeration systems. It is also being designed to operate at higher temperatures than a normal HFC-system, a fact the Space team is taking advantage of to include a heat reclamation system that can be reused in a heating system.

Waste heat will be removed from the system prior to reaching the gas cooler (condenser), via a glycol stream. This will result in energy savings and cut running costs.

Space says their system will be easy to install. One of the obstacles to the widespread installation of a CO2 unit is the perceived need for specially-fabricated stainless steel components. The system developed by Space is designed to allow standard copper refrigeration components to be installed on the sales floor and at the display cabinets. This means that the skill set and parts required for installation will be the same as for a standard system.

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