The gentle touch

Elo Touchsystems, a division of Tyco Electronics Corporation, introduced a brand new touch technology system at the Kioskcom Europe exhibition at London Olympia this November.

Acoustic pulse recognition (APR) is a new way of sensing touches on a display. Comprising a glass overlay, mounted in front of the display, together with a small electronic controller board, Elo's APR technology provides new benefits, said the firm.

Typical applications include point-of-sale and kiosk information systems.

Michael Bartelmess, Elo director of product management, said: "APR touch technology operates by listening for a touch, which generates a unique sound at each position on the glass. Four tiny transducers attached to the edges of the touchscreen glass pick up the sound of the touch. The sound is then digitised by the controller and compared to a list of pre-recorded sounds for every position on the glass. The cursor position is instantly updated by the touch location."

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