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Double R Consols recently won a contract to supply fellow Lancashire company Elliott Absorbent Packaging with the machinery to allow them to begin slitting, winding and reel converting their absorbent meat pads.

The challenge was to find machinery that could cope with unwinding reels up to 1.7m wide and 1.8m over diameter and rewinding up to 1.1m over diameter.

Double R supplied the DCS-1100 Duplex centre-surface slitter rewinder. This converts rolls of laminate materials 1.8m x 1.7m, slitting down to a minimum width of 15cm and rewinding up to 1.1m over diameter.

An additional element was the development of a handling solution for the extremely large and heavy mother rolls. A grabber and manipulator was designed, based on a forklift truck grab attachment. This means rolls can be loaded quickly and easily, while a reel upender rotates and stacks the finished rolls onto pallets.

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