FMD: Grampian urges movement resumption

Grampian Country Foods is running out of product on its red meat and pork operations, the company has warned.

"We've got no product coming in and we're running short of supplies," said spokesman Alasdair Cox. "We're calling on government and everybody involved for an early resumption in licensed movement between farm and abattoir."

He said the company had no criticism of the way foot-and-mouth situation was being handled, but said that they would be running out of meat by the end of the week. "When the last bit of product has left our stores that's going to be it."

As of yet, there was no indication of any change in the movement ban.

The company's Northern Irish operation in Cookstown has also had problems following the outbreak. Despite meat from NI being exempt from the ban on exports, a shipment of pork was stopped from entering Japan.

Cox said: "Because it's from Northern Ireland, it's still going out with a UK health mark on it and that caused a bit of confusion with our Japanese customers."

He said talks were taking place and he expected shipments to get back underway from tomorrow.

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