Tenderness detection upgrade
Published:  04 January, 2007

An American firm has worked with the US government's Meat Animal Research Center to develop a commercial application for real-time prediction of beef tenderness.

Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. created the QualitySpec BT system, which uses a non-invasive Near Infrared instrument to read the rib eye between the 11th and 12th rib, more accurately predicting overall tenderness of a carcass on the processing line.

The US grading system, based on intramuscular fat, or marbling, of meat, explains only a small percentage of variations in tenderness and cannot guarantee tenderness in Select or Choice cuts.

The Colorado company's real-time gauge of meat's value before arriving on consumer tables helps retailers differentiate themselves through branding and pricing.

Tenderness is the most sought-after guarantee for all levels of the industry's sales cycle and research shows consumers are willing to pay a premium for meat that is guaranteed tender.

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