The international food exhibition lived up to its name

for Parker's Food Machinery, which secured the sale of three vacuum packer to several food companies in the Caribbean.

Sales and service manager Barry Parker, said one order was taken for Barbados and another two machines were sold to companies in Jamaica. Equipment prices in America, the usual source of equipment for Caribbean food processors, are far higher than in the UK, said Parker. But the show was especially important for the company because Parker has recently rebranded his entire range of stock, which is now known as the Master Range.

Initial reaction from Pro2Pac visitors was positive, said Parker. Describing his range of vacuum packers, Parker said: "The beauty of this product is that the machines are made in Taiwan but it is a quality build and we've got German pumps in them, so we've got a cheap build but with an expensive pump."

"We've crossed borders because all our competitors their machines are made in Europe in their entirety and you pay for that. We thought that the UK market is so used to having a quality product that if we launched it with a Chinese pump in it, we'd never sell any or we'd only attract the bottom end of the market, so what we've got is this range of products that the construction is all stainless steel with German pumps." This means the company can charge up to a third less for machines, claimed Parker, who described the exhibition as "brilliant".

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