Foss masters meat fat

Foss has revealed it will be using IFFA to launch a compact version of its Meat Master machine, which measures fat content in meat.

The combination of lean meat and fat is critical for meat-trimming and processing plants. If too much lean meat is added to the product, tight margins are put under an even greater strain. On the other hand, too much fat can mean fines and customer complaints. To avoid fines, many processors are actually selling lean meat for the price of fat, said Foss.

Meat Master is integrated into the production line and analyses every piece of meat. The results are therefore representative, unlike systems where only a sample is tested. Meat Master uses dual X-ray technology and can detect metal and bone, which reduces the risk of damage to instruments and contamination of the product.

The compact machine is 3.3m long and weighs 400kg. It analyses boxed products and can cope with 22t of meat per hour.

Richard Clatworthy, technical and group sales manager of St Merryns meat, has a Meat Master and praised it. He said: "The Meat Master has represented a groundbreaking investment in the future of the St Merryn Victoria plant, increasing our capacity, giving greater control of our products and better use of our raw materials."

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