Company displays its passion for detecting foreign bodies

An X-ray inspection system was among the pieces of equipment on display at Ishida's stand at IFFA. The company decided that the latest model in its IX-GA range, which Ishida said has sold well in Japan, should be introduced to the European market.

According to Ishida, the latest model is ideal for detecting foreign bodies, including aluminium, tin, glass, stones, hard rubber, plastic, bones and shells.

The IX-GA boasts self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) techno-

logy to maximise detection sensiti-vity and reliability. The machine can detect impurities down to 0.3mm in size and can also spot missing items or damaged products.

Ishida pointed out that the advantage X-ray offers over standard metal detectors is that it can detect both metal and other foreign materials. It can also distinguish between 'legitimate' metal, such as clips on the ends of sausages or aluminium tins, and unwanted items.

A stainless steel body and lead curtains provide protection for operators. Other safety features include warning lamps when the machine is in operation and automatic stopping of the X-ray process if the inspection cover door is opened or if a product remains in the inspection area.

Ishida Europe said the new IX-GA will be a valuable tool

in helping manufacturers and

retailers avoid the major impli-cations of product recalls, owing to contaminants.

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