Batcher makes light of manual labour

A new batching system can replace between six and eight full-time employees working on a double shift and accurately collect and weigh meat, poultry and other products, reducing labour requirements for processors.

Manufacturer Gainco said its AccuFill Quad-Batching calculates a return on investment of about 12 months on that basis.

Whole muscle meat as well as further processed food can be handled by the system, which collects, weighs, batches and, optionally, counts four separate streams of

incoming product. Finished bat-ches are then indexed to any one of several downstream processes, such as bulk packaging or bagging.

The AccuFill features the company's proprietary Infiniti Plus programmable controller, which identifies, prioritises, batches, indexes and confirms the type, weight and count of products

being batched at any given

moment, the company claims.

Infiniti controllers have large, bright displays and feature oversized buttons to allow easier operation by those wearing gloves.

A durable polymeric housing protects the weighing apparatus in cold working environments and during hot washdowns using high pressure cleaning fluids.

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