An hygienic range of electric motors made from stainless steel

has been short-listed for a technological award.

Marlin stainless AC motors from Lafert have been nominated for Technological Development of the Year in the Food Processing Awards.

The motors are resistant to corrosion and are hygienic because there is no paint to chip or flake. The exterior of the motors are also smooth with no cooling fins or nameplates to harbour germs and dirt. In addition, there is an NTN Blue double lip seal and a Gamma seal fitted on the shaft to guard against any risk of ingress to the motor.

The Marlin motors are IP66-rated, which means they are hose-down tolerant, even when cleaning chemicals are used. This means they can be cleaned in situ, with no dismantling and no fiddly crevices to clean.

The Marlin Stainless 3-phase motors are all metric IEC machines. This gives users complete interchangeability with existing motors, both asoriginal build components and as retrofit items. For internal protection against moisture, and provide compatibility with inverter control, the motor stator windings are double vacuum and pressure impregnated and phases are insulated.

To overcome the inherent condensation problem associated with electric motors exposed to internal and external temperature differences, the Marlin motors have four quadrant drain ports in each end shield that will accept 'T' drain plugs on removal of grub screws. This ensures that there will always be a drain plug at the lowest point of the motor.

Managing director of Lafert, Nigel Evenett, said: "We'd be delighted if we won, but we were delighted to be nominated."

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