Foyle signs with CHEP

Foyle Meats, a leading Irish processor of meat products, has joined the CHEP container pooling programme to increase the efficiency and productivity of its domestic and international operations.

Other key factors in its decision it said were the environmental benefits and hygiene advantages associated with using the CHEP equipment pool.

Foyle Meats is now shipping a number of its products using CHEP Plastibox XH Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), to food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.

David Knox, site manager at Foyle Meats, said: "We are delighted to be working with the CHEP pooling system, which we are confident will deliver a reduction in product damage during transit and also considerable savings on our transportation costs.

"Ultimately this will result in an increase in the level of customer satisfaction which we are able to provide to our customers. I have no doubt that selecting the CHEP Plastibox XH container was the correct decision for our company."

Foyle Meats will be using CHEP Portfolio Plus, a web-enabled tool to assist in the management of its equipment, which will simplify its internal processes and provide better visibility with respect to its container management activities.

Trace Norton,CHEP's senior vice president, containers, said: "We are very pleased with Foyle Meats´ decision to join the CHEP equipment pool and they are already realising the benefits in terms of cost savings and increased efficiencies.

"We are confident that other manufacturers in the meat sector and elsewhere who are currently managing their own containers, will see the advantages in switching to CHEP in order to gain similar benefits."

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