Authenticating meat products - seminar
Published:  17 February, 2006

A SEMINAR, organised by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as part of The Food Authenticity Programme - a series of projects which aim to authenticate meat and ?sh products, will be held at Aviation House in London on February 23.

'Novel Methods to Authenticate Meat and Fish Products' aims to announce the results of research to key FSA stake holders, in particular public analysts. The meeting will provide the FSA with the opportunity to gain views on current research in this area, identify any gaps, and discuss the future.

Guest speakers will talk on a range of subjects including the detection of blood proteins in meat products; the search for a species speci?c ?brinogen peptide as a marker for ?brinogen based meat binders; the use of monoclonal antibodies to monitor the presence of bovine and porcine blood proteins in processed meat products; and the use of muscle protein (desmin) anti-bodies to determine meat content of meat products.

The seminar will run between 10:15 am - 4pm and entry is free. Speakers include, Dr Paul Reece - CSL; Professor Ellen Billet -Nottingham Trent University; Dr Simon Kelly - IFR; and Dr Mitch Kelly - CSL.

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