Workshop would make venison lovers of us all

An innovative workshop aims to turn British shoppers and caterers onto farm-reared venison.

The event, organised by New Zealand Venison, has brought together top British and Kiwi experts to explain how the traditional winter meat can also go down a storm in summer.

It kicks off with cookery demonstrations including guidance on simple stir-fries, summer salads, marinades and barbecues, as well as the deeper spiced recipes of cold-weather dining.

The afternoon session will show delegates how to make economical use of venison to add cachet to a menu, with recipe demonstrations focusing on using the meat in a range of fusion dishes. The event features top venison chef Graham Brown and UK venison expert Nichola Fletcher who is set to publish a book on the subject later this year. Both will answer technical, culinary, nutritional, historical and production queries.

Venison has less fat and only a third of the cholesterol of skinless chicken while farm-reared venison is a good source of Omega 3. A joint promotion between the British Deer Farmers Association and Deer Industry New Zealand ensures a consistent quality and year-round supply.

The event is at The Asian and Oriental School of Catering in London on 12 April; call 01327 340401 or email

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