IFE launchpad for new BM products

IFE sees Bernard Matthews Food Service relaunch four of its most popular breaded turkey products in lower fat, lower salt versions with an appeal to children.

The 'fab four' products which use the new 'Litecrumb' coating are Turkey Dinosaurs, Turkey Premiere, Crispy Crumb Turkey Burgers and Golden Drummers.

The range is made using 100% turkey breast and are breadcrumbed with Litecrumb coating doing away with the need to fry the products.

A company spokesman said the Litecrumb products complied fully with the new School Food Trust recommendations, due to be implemented in August 2007.

The spokesman added that the products would help school meal providers meet the restrictions on deep fried foods because, unlike traditional breaded products, they were not restricted under healthy eating guidelines and could be served 'anytime' on school menus.

They are also part of the Big Green Tick range, Bernard Matthews Food Service's new initiative, designed to help get school meals working again by creating healthy menu options that children will want to eat.

The company believes the four products will be a big hit with caterers looking for new ideas.

"Interest in these new menu ideas is already huge," said Haydn Hughes of Bernard Matthews Food Service.

"Turkey breast is not just a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, it's also popular. The Litecrumb products are healthy and non-fried, they taste great and have bags of child appeal.

"Serve any one of the 'fab four' with potatoes and vegetables and enjoy watching kids tuck in to a balanced, healthy lunch."

Further details of the four relaunches will be unveiled at IFE 2007, alongside the rest of the new Big Green Tick range.

Bernard Matthews Food Service expects the non-fry products to be available through frozen food distributors by early summer 2007.

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