EBLEX stage last minute meeting

A huge response from farmers led to the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) having to arrange a last minute extra event when farmers in the South West were invited to an open meeting.

An evening meeting was arranged in Launceston for around 100 people - but almost 400 replied saying they wanted to come.

Nick Allen, EBLEX regional manager, said: "The response was amazing. We had to get an afternoon meeting organised very quickly and still we had to disappoint nearly 200 farmers.

"Obviously, we will now be looking at organising another event as soon as we can so those turned away will get their chance to join us for an evening."

At the meeting EBLEX chief executive Richard Ali introduced Better Returns Programme demonstrations for Beef and Lamb and spoke about the importance of the 'fifth quarter'.

The meeting also saw a butchery demonstration and a discussion of consumer preferences.

A question and answer session was chaired by EBLEX chairman John Cross.

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