Haggis on your pizza?

Customers at Pizza Express are set to be enjoying an unusual meaty treat with the launch of the haggis-topped pizza.

The Scozia pizza, which will be on offer in the chain's Scottish restaurants throughout January, is part of the company's plans to regionalise its menus across the UK.

The toppings are being provided by award-winning producer Macsween of Edinburgh

Macsween was initially approached by the technical team from Pizza Express to explore the possibility of creating the new pizza.

After Macsween quickly provided a supply of portion-controlled, topping-size haggis portions, Pizza Express worked up the complete recipe which includes leeks, garlic, tomatoes, mozzarella and seasonings in addition to the world-famous haggis.

Jo Macsween of Macsween said: "I'm a big fan of Pizza Express and it's my favourite place to eat pizza. The Scozia is a great idea and an ideal mix of Scottish and Italian cuisine which will hopefully allow even more people to enjoy our haggis in a new and modern way."

Rory Scott from Pizza Express is delighted with the launch of the new creation: "Sales of Pizza Scotia have been really good and have doubled since the start of January. The popularity of this latest addition will hopefully lead to Pizza Scotia making a more regular appearance on our menus, especially for Burns Night."

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