Bernard Matthews ticks healthy boxes

Bernard Matthews is hoping for success with the launch of a healthy new kids range for the foodservice sector.

The company's foodservice division has launched The Big Green Tick range, which it says helps make children's meals work for everyone, from the caterers and nutritionists to the parents and kids.

The range, it said, delivers foods that are healthy, easy to prepare, cook and portion, and, vitally, that children will really want to eat.

Some of the Big Green Tick products will be familiar and some are brand new and many are based on turkey.

Big Green Tick is suitable for caterers in all sectors including hospitals and schools, and all of the products comply with or exceed the new School Food Trust recommendations, due to be implemented this month.

"We've worked hard over the last year to deliver a range that not only meets the new standards, but also answers their specific needs: healthier foods that really appeal to the children," said Haydn Hughes, of Bernard Matthews Food Service.

"The Big Green Tick ticks all the boxes. Of course it's about the food's suitability from a nutritional perspective, but it's also delivering foods that children love, and that will encourage them to eat healthily."

The company said the Big Green Tick gives caterers a better choice of basic ingredients, such as diced turkey, as well as ready-to-cook products, such as Turkey Breast Steaks.

The range also includes a huge range of menu options - from roasts, saddles and meatballs to fillets and steaks. Alongside turkey, it features free-range lamb and salmon, all presented in ways that children love. "All the products are healthy and they're also easy to cook, helping hard-pressed staff in hard-pressed kitchens," added Hughes.

As part of the new range, Bernard Matthews Food Service has developed healthier recipes for favourites such as Golden Drummers using its new fry-free 'litecrumb'. They are lower in fat and lower in salt. In addition, and unlike traditional breaded products, they are not deep-fried during manufacture, the company claimed.

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