Premium burger hopes for Paragon

Paragon Quality Foods has launched a new gourmet burger, following the installation a fourth production line at its five-year-old factory in Doncaster.

Paragon Quality Foods has installed a fourth production line at its five-year- old factory in Doncaster.

The new line features special machinery and has enabled the company to produce what managing director Metin Pekin claimed is Britain's best burger.

A Tender-Form machine has been incorporated as part of the £250,000 development, enabling Paragon to replicate the texture of homemade, ground and formed beefburgers.

Vertical strands of meat flow through a fill plate and are collected into patty shapes. Small spaces between the strands help create a tender patty and deliver a faster and more evenly cooked burger.

The product is created using high-quality meat and features a special blend of seasonings.

To match the quality of the product, Paragon has designed a ranch-style box to package the product.

With cost-conscious restaurant customers now embracing casual dining, many for the first time in years, The Premium Steakhouse Burger is seen as an ideal product to generate profitable repeat business.

Premium Steakhouse Burgers are made in various sizes including 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8oz.

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