Disney to ban junk food

Disney is to ban junk food, it has announced. New nutritional standards mean food served to children at its parks will be healthier, with limits on calories, saturated fat and sugar.

Disney will also stop using its characters to promote fatty burgers, sugary snacks, crisps and sweets by the end of 2008. It has been reported that this will mean the end of Disney's 10-year $1 billion deal with McDonald's happy meals.

Beginning this month in US, childrens' meals are being served with low fat milk, fruit juice or water along with side dishes such as apple sauce or carrots instead of fizzy drinks and chips. Parents will still be able to choose fizzy drinks and chips if they want, but Disney said tests show they expect 90% to choose the healthy option.

Disney Consumer Products has already sold its name to some healthy foods. They include "The Incredibles" and "Kim Possible" instant oatmeal and Disney Garden brand apples and bananas. Mickey Mouse organic ravioli is also available

Disney president Robert Iger said: "Disney will be providing healthier options for families that seek them, whether at our Parks or through our broad array of licensed foods. The Disney brand and characters are in a unique position to market food that kids will want and parents will feel about giving them."

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