Previous hygiene issues with suspected E.coli stores

The two Morrisons supermarkets suspected over the E.coli outbreak in Paisley, Scotland, had previously been warned on their food hygiene procedures, authorities have revealed.

Renfrewshire Council confirmed that environmental health issues were raised about the two stores, in Falside Road and Lonend.

The incidents included meat pies on display for 12 hours at room temperature and raw eggs being stored on warm surfaces.

Morrisons told the BBC that inspection reports are always professionally acted upon.

The E.coli outbreak, which claimed the life of a 66-year-old woman and left eight others ill, has been linked to cooked meat from the deli counters of the two stores.

Now Renfrewshire Council's environmental health officers said there had been 20 issues surrounding standards at the two branches over the past three years.

Morrisons said: "The UK supermarket industry is among the best in the world with regards to food safety and hygiene.

"Morrisons ranks highly within the sector, having a good reputation for high standards, quality staff training and rigorous processes.

"We receive routine assessment of our food preparation areas, and actions arising from the inspection reports are promptly and professionally taken, as would be expected of one of the UK's leading retailers."

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