Third Surrey farm positive for foot-and-mouth

A third Surrey farm has tested positive for foot-and-mouth, Defra has announced.

The farm, in Egham and owned by John and Sally Hepplethwaite, is the fifth confirmed outbreak since August 3. Livestock on the farm, which is within the 3km protection zone, are being culled.

The disease was confirmed in slaughtered cattle at two other farms in the same area last week. Meanwhile tests on pigs culled on a fourth farm in the same area tested negative for FMD.

The three latest cases were just a few miles away from the Pirbright research complex, the site blamed as the source of the recent outbreaks.

The new cases are also believed to involve the same strain of the disease found in the outbreaks last month.

Minor changes have now been made to the protection Zones andSurveillance Zone (SZ) in the area. The new zones can be found at

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