Levy board to be based at Stoneleigh

The new levy board will be located in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, from April 2009, Defra announced today.

It added that the new boards name will be the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB).

Minister for sustainable food, farming and animal health Jeff Rooker said he was happy to endorse the decisions of John Bridge and his board on the proposed location of the levy board and the six sector companies together on one site.

"This is a radical decision, but one that will result in a more efficient and flexible organisation that can provide the services that will meet the needs of levy payers now and in the future."

"The move to Stoneleigh will bring benefits of having all the sector companies together on one site and will result in significant savings so that the new levy board and its companies can spend more of their funds helping levy payers."

John Bridge, chair designate of AHDB said: "Co-location at Stoneleigh provides an excellent opportunity to improve co-operation and collaboration between all the sectors.

"Stoneleigh represents the ideal location as it will provide a fresh start for the organisation on a site which is fast becoming a centre for rural excellence.

"This alongside the restructuring of the levy board and its companies not only meets the needs of levy payers now but remains flexible to adapt to the needs and challenges of the future."

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